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 Edwin Cooper

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Edwin Cooper

Edwin Cooper

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PostSubject: Edwin Cooper   March 10th 2018, 1:13 am

Name: Edwin Cooper 

Nickname(s): N/A
Hero/Villain Name: Shining Knight
Hero, Villain, or Professor: Hero
Age (15-18 for students, 20+ for professors, heroes, and villains): 15
Gender: Male
Quirk (This is your superpower. You’re only allowed one. Try to be as creative and unique as possible. You’re not allowed to replicate anyone’s quirk. For example; if someone has super speed, someone else can’t sign up with super speed. Use http://bokunoheroacademia.wikia.com/wiki/U.A._High for examples. One For All is currently restricted.): 

Shining Light: Edwin's Quirk has given him the ability to control, emit, project, and even absorb the light particles that surround the world, natural and artificial. This gives him the chance to be able to use the light sources around him to use in manners such as making his hand a temporary light source or a blast of energy towards an enemy. However, there's a limit to how much his body can handle the absorption of light particles as if he doesn't keep the pace for his powers, he will start to quickly decline in stamina and eventually causing pain to the user and internal damage with continued use. The limit of the amount of light particles that he can be able to contain is dependent on his physical ability to be able to contain it and once nearing his limit, his body will start to radiate light dependent of the color of light he has used to power himself with, another variable to how much he can keep contained. This led to the design of his costume to included gauntlets that will not only be able to amplify the power of the light particles he projects or the range that he can direct them, but it also has a storage hub to where the light energy can be stored to prevent absorbing too much light energy to battle with. As this has been the limit to his powers that he has come across on his own, there has been other heroes he has known with similar abilities that have been able to acquire new skills such as enhanced speed and regeneration with the use of these particles, causing him to continuously train his body and mind to be able to use these abilities.

Character Description & Personality (Use this to go into detail on how your character acts, thinks, performs in class, their flaws, and weaknesses, everything that makes your character special.):

On the surface to the world, Edwin Cooper displays a bit of an immature sort of personality to the world. He has been known to be stubborn and strong-willed, has been known to let his pettiness and vindictiveness get the better of him at the end of the day, and carries an obstinate disposition for himself. To a degree, he has shown signs of being selfish and self-absorbed at times, acting towards self-interest than philanthropy that the hero career usually entails along with taking many chances to stroke his ego or flaunt the success for his exams when the moment calls for it. There have been moments where he's been known to be hostile towards authority figures around the campus with little to no incentive to follow the instructions that have been given to him by them, causing him to earn the reputation of a loose cannon when placed in the battle. Edwin is also known to have a quick temper, resorting to a brawl to settle his disputes more than a rational negotiation to get through it, but not at the expense of his own personal morals. He has gained a reputation for having a foul mouth and being a hopeless sarcastic cynic, as he is happily to be blunt and harshly relieve others of their comfortable delusions regarding multiple criteria, including their self-importance. Finally, he's been known to have a lack of patience and inability to sit for too long, due to the his Quirk that causes him to absorb the light particles around him at times.

However, for those few people that have made a lasting impact onto him on the campus, Edwin shows his deeper nature to be one of marked selflessness, unflinching loyalty, and great compassion. As someone that has suffered loss at a young age in the loss of his own mother, Edwin is unable to ignore the true suffering of others and will become sympathetic upon sensing pain and resolve in the heart of people. Though his solemn advice to such people is often tempered with brusque criticism, it is only because he genuinely wishes to direct them on the best path that he can. He will urge those with healthy bodies to use their strength to move forward, he stresses the necessity of people taking responsibility for their own errors in life, and to always help those with the will and not the means to be able to do so themselves. This causes him to have the recklessness and disdain toward authority figures in the times he does intervene in manners such as this, holding onto a sense of justice that he hopes will make him a "shining symbol of hope to the people." Edwin has been known to devote himself to the greatest of physical and mental health, attempting to have the best physique to be able to handle the strenuous nature that his Quirk can have on him, almost to the point where it has become an obsession with him to be able to meet the potential that his idols have achieved.  

Anime Picture Base (Use a picture base that’s realistic with your selected age.): Edward Elric

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Edwin Cooper
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