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PostSubject: Voodoo   March 14th 2018, 2:43 am

Name: Suijin Saiko/Suijin Nagata

Nickname(s): "Jin"

Hero/Villain Name: Voodoo

Hero, Villain, or Professor: Hero

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Quirk: Damage Manipulation - The ability to target someone or something and completely deflect whatever damage dealt either by the target or the user. However, due to certain limitations, Voodoo is forced to use the quirk one of two ways: Offensively and Defensively. Defensively, Voodoo can target anything and take whatever damage dealt from it or from himself to inflict upon the target, but using it this way requires far more concentration and forces him to become completely immobile, which leaves him completely vulnerable to attacks and thus is only used when facing stronger opponents and/or big attacks. Voodoo has a Healing Factor as well that only works with his quirk and cannot heal any injuries when it's not in use; this allows him to take an incredible amount of damage that would otherwise kill him. Offensively, Voodoo can use his quirk to target himself, which loses the effect of deflecting damage from his opponent, but keeps his Healing Factor and allows him to move freely to fight his opponent. Suijin's quirk being in effect can be noticed by the glow of his blue eyes.

Character Description & Personality: 

Born the younger sibling to a beloved and ambitious hero on the rise such as Fudo Saiko, Suijin admired him. He truly admired how strong his brother, as well as his Legendary father, Guardian. Even at such a young age, Suijin's desire to become a hero like those he idolized grew every single day. Although considered dense and prone to finding himself in trouble, Suijin worked hard to develop and master his quirk, with the help of his older brother, who would often use his "help" as an opportunity to torture  Suijin, although it never occurred to Suijin. He only considered it to be a necessary aspect of working towards his dream, and refused to give up. Despite his efforts, many looked past Suijin and instead towards his brother. While Fudo was very popular with numerous friends and professors at his back, Suijin only managed to garner a few friends in his life. Most of his time was spent on his own, which he preferred, as it allowed for him to have plenty of time to focus on working on his quirk. Regardless of his loneliness and being overshadowed by both his father and brother, Suijin remained optimistic and happy-go-lucky about his ambition to reach them.

However, tragedy struck the Saiko family when Guardian was killed in battle against several villains. While the news seemed to not affect his brother, Suijin dwelled on the loss of his beloved father. This tragedy brought him closer together with his mother, the Healing Hero, Divinity, as she consoled him. Although too young to truly have grown to know his father both as a parent and as a hero, Suijin turned his sorrow into something positive - making his passion to be a hero burn stronger than ever and motivating him to take his father's place as a protector for anyone and everyone. Suijin's efforts were hit even harder when his brother, now named Aegis, betrayed U.A. High and fled as a newly-formed villain. Suijin watched as his already fractured World crumbled all  around him as his mother became an estranged recluse while his family's name was shunned by media and heroes alike. Feeling powerless and abandoned, all Suijin could do was find a way to keep on moving forward. A friend of his father took Suijin in, helping him further develop his quirk to a means where it could be used both defensively and offensively, as well as training him in physical combat. Suijin had no choice but to change live under a false surname of "Nagata" and join U.A High to become a hero long after the rest of the World had forgotten his family and the good they did, fueled not only by his original ambitions, but by new ones as well - to save not only everyone he can, but the one who needs saving most: his brother.

Suijin more often than not tries to be constantly optimistic and gung-ho about doing a hero's duty, just as his father was. Although dense, he does what he truly believes is the right thing and doesn't hesitate to put others before himself, not afraid to be a shield for those in need. His appearance is more of a ragged one than anything, usually consisting of a track suit with a kerchief around his neck. The only weapon he uses is a sword, only for the purpose of his offensive combat in order to potentially cut through enemy defenses and attacks.

Anime Picture Base: Yato (Noragami)
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