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PostSubject: Aegis   March 14th 2018, 2:46 am

Name: Fudo Saiko

Nicknames(s): "The Fallen Hero"

Hero/Villain Name: Aegis

Hero, Villain, or Professor: Villain

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Quirk: Damage Counter - The ability to accumulate damage and unleash an attack twice as powerful. The more damage accumulated, the stronger the counter will be; this means Aegis can purposely refuse to not counter for as long as he can withstand the opponent's attacks before he finally counters it all back. A slight Healing Factor inherited from his mother combined with the armor Aegis wears allows for him to endure an extraordinary amount of damage that would otherwise leave him incapacitated. There are some limitations to this ability, as it requires his amplified counter to be physical, but the sheer amount of power delivered could become long-range through sheer shockwaves and other means if enough damage is accumulated. Although he may be able to absorb an indescribable amount of damage, it is theoretically possible to stop him entirely with an attack powerful enough to knock him unconscious or kill him.

Character Description & Personality:

Fudo was born the older child to Guardian, the Shield Hero, and Divinity, a well-known Healing Hero who resided as the nurse at U.A. High for several years. Fudo was raised from birth as a prodigy of sorts, impressing many with his quirk that allowed for him to physically overpower anyone at his age and many even older than him. His natural charisma allowed for him to garner many  essential associations with heroes and friends and teachers at U.A. High. Although on the outside, he seemed like a very friendly young man with great ambitions to become the number 1 Hero, inside he was a callous and calculating individual that gave no second thought to using and disposing of anyone in his way. Some could feel something was off about Fudo, but his sociopathic tendencies to charm everyone around him allowed for him to continue his ways without consequence. Meanwhile at home, his Legendary father, Guardian, praised everything he did and could not have been more proud of Fudo. Fudo's younger brother, developing a similar quirk, only became a nuisance to Fudo, who would go out of his way to "test" young Suijin's quirk with violent attacks that Suijin could not counter or heal with his abilities still in their infancy. Despite all of this, Fudo was well on his way to becoming the next top hero.

However, an unexpected tragedy occurred when Guardian was killed in battle up against several powerful villains, severing the only genuine emotional connection Fudo had to anyone in his life. Instead of motivating him as a hero, the emptiness and sorrow inside of him festered into resentment for heroes as he began to believe they served no purpose other than to act as glorified janitors for everyone else around them. Things culminated when Fudo, now given the name heroic name, Aegis, turned upon his fellow students and teachers that helped him in his studies, ambushing and injuring hundreds, as well as destroying a large portion of the Academy in the fray. Aegis finally fled as a newly-formed villain, leaving many both physically and emotionally hurt at his betrayal. His mother, Divinity, immediately resigned from U.A. High after healing all of those affected by her son's destruction, becoming a recluse and never seen in public again. The Saiko name became stained and a once-prestigious family was essentially shunned from society, while Aegis disowned the name as well, now embedding himself into other villains equally as sadistic as he is.

Anime Picture Base: Gilgamesh (Fate/Zero & Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works)
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