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Shin Akumazo

Hero/Villain Name

Student, Professional Hero, Villain, or Professor



Blood Eye - Traps enemies who are within his eyeline with his Blood Eye, placing their minds in an alternate reality of their own personal hell. Lasts for as long as he can maintain focus, allowing allies to ambush trapped enemies. Also effective for interrogation, stalling a battle while waiting for reinforcements, and making an escape. Using Blood Eye for extended periods of time or on too many people causes temporary blindness until the Blood Eye regenerates. If Shin's life is threatened, he can retreat into his Blood Eye, trapping his mind, soul, and body there for a period of week. When Shin returns, his Blood Eye is left blind and left to recover (recovery in this case takes a week).

Impure Markings - Shin has mastered the Second Stage of his Blood Eye, giving him access to the Impure Markings. The Impure Markings allow Shin to amplify the effects of his Blood Eye, as well as gaining immense speed and strength. Shin's Impure Markings allow him to fly in short bursts. Shin can absorb energy into his Blood Eye and amplify it through his Impure Markings, then release it as an explosion within a short range of himself.

Character Description & Personality
A Rogue Hero, Shin carries a past darkness from his childhood, when he accidentally used his newly awoken Blood Eye on a friend, causing them to commit suicide after the effects of Blood Eye gave them permanent PTSD. While in UA High, he cared for his friends and stayed extra careful with his power around allies, and in order to minimize the use of Blood Eye he studied under several great sword masters, honing his craft so that he does not need to be completely reliant on his quirk. Sunupu is smart but lazy, coasting through class and only really looking forward to fighting as a Hero in the real world. However, he does not entirely agree with the sustainability of the hero system and how it affects the world, which may be dangerous when mixed with his greatest weakness - an unrelenting desire to accomplish his goal of changing the world. At the age of 14, after witnessing a building of innocent citizens get destroyed due to the carelessness of a hero team, Shin decided that the current system wasn't severe enough to create proper heroes. Shin rebelled as a Hero, going rogue, and now aims to destroy UA High and all other hero schools - and create what he finds is the most effective system of justice in the world - enforcing the law with severe violence.

Shin's Goal
Shin's goal is to destroy the system of Heroes in its entirety. Shin went back to Japan, where his family was from, and read up on the history of his family's Eye Quirks. Shin discovered that by combining the Pure Eye with his Blood Eye, he could achieve power like no other. Shin tried to kill his younger cousin Genki for his Pure Eye, but he could not bring himself to do it. Shin now waits for Genki to finish his final year at UA America, before he makes a move to recruit his cousin to his side. And if he refuses, Shin now has the resolve to kill Genki. Either way - his goal will be accomplished.

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