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Jogan Akumazo

Hero/Villain Name

Student, Professional Hero, Villain, or Professor




Pure Eye - Genki's Pure Eye empowers him with additional speed and strength. The Pure Eye also allows Genki to open portals within a short distance from himself that he can jump through. The Pure Eye allows him to see several seconds into the future. Genki's Pure Eye allows him to create an After Image of himself, fading between dimensions to avoid attacks. Genki's Quirk was enabled early, but he was unable to manifest it for more than just a few seconds every few days until he had trained for years and years to maintain it. The Pure Eye has two stages - the first only allows him to see several seconds of the future, and the second that spreads 'Purity Markings' around his body, giving him extra speed and strength. After training with his older cousin Shin, Genki has finally accomplished the ability to maintain the Pure Eye for extended periods of time, yet his abilities are still only in the beginnings of the Pure Eye's First Stage. It will take a lot more training before the Second Stage of his Pure Eye is mastered. However, glimpses of the Pure Eye's Second Stage appear and give Genki enhanced power in small bursts in EXTREMELY DANGEROUS situations. The Second Stage of the Pure Eye will also enhance it's other abilities.

Pure Eye Powers (Stage 1)

  • Future Sight: Genki channels the power of his Pure Eye to see several seconds into the future. This ability requires Genki to be still for the duration of his use of Future Sight. After being used, Future Sight takes an hour to recover, making it a crucial last resort ability in a battle.

  • Portal Creation: Genki can open a portal a short distance from himself, and one under himself, allowing him to jump through the portals. Genki can create a portal every three seconds, making it a useful and spammable move.
  • After Image: Genki can fade through dimensions to avoid attacks and position himself to strike. Genki cannot attack while he is fading through dimensions, making this a defensive move. While Genki is on the offensive, he is wide open.

Pure Eye Powers (Stage 2)

  • Purity Markings: Once activated, the Purity Markings give Genki vastly enhanced speed and strength. Currently, the Purity Markings only show up when Genki's life is in extreme danger. However with enough training, Stage 2 of his Pure Eye will be activated, and the Purity Markings will be at his full disposal.

Character Description & Personality
Genki always looked up to his older cousin and renowned hero Prodigy, Shin Akumazo, the now rogue Villain known as Tsukuyomi. Genki trained hard under Shin while he was still around, learning the art of sword fighting and using his Pure Eye. It's greatly due to Shin's training that Genki was able to use his Pure Eye properly. When Shin revolted, Genki fell into a deep depression and almost gave up on being a hero. Genki's moment of truth came when Shin came for Genki's friend, a hero in training who could possibly counter the Blood Eye. Genki tried to defend his friend but Shin trapped him in the Blood Eye and murdered his friend. Shin then slashed Genki's Pure Eye, trying to cut it out without killing his younger cousin, but was chased off by a group of heroes who got Genki medical attention before his Pure Eye was lost.
From that day on, Genki found new resolve as a hero, working hard to further master the Pure Eye before enrolling in UA High. After accepting that he simply wasn't strong enough to save his friend from Tsukuyomi, Genki now works tirelessly to ensure that none of his friends are harmed again, and to one day get revenge. Genki has a light-hearted yet focused personality, and is never mean to his friends, though he never hesitates to tease them. Genki is a lazy student, but does what he has to in order to pass so that he can continue his goals.

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