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PostSubject: Vaporwave   July 3rd 2018, 11:51 pm

Name: Matt Wilson
Nickname(s): "The Untouchable", "Shadow Mist", "The Spectre"
Hero/Villain Name: Vaporwave
Student, Professional Hero, Villain, or Professor: Professional Hero

Age: 24

Gender: Male
Quirk: Transformative smoke. Matt's quirk allows him to create, control and become smoke. He can use these abilities to move quickly, become invisible or even fill his adversaries' lungs. In dire circumstances, Matt has learned that he can enter inside of someone and their body heat will cause the smoke to melt them from the inside. The steam can also be used to heat up small rooms. He can create walls of fog and create smoke bombs, allowing him to hide or cover his tracks. When he turns into smoke, however, he can be easily contained or dragged by vacuums with no way to defend himself. His power over smoke does have it's limits but he has yet to reach his full potential even now. Any of his abilities become enhanced when around natural smoke. Matt has a natural tendency towards stealth when possible and often relies on his speed first.
Character Description & Personality: While having an initially cold and serious nature, Matt does care deeply about those around him, especially his closest allies, only masking those feelings to avoid compromising himself as he believes the mission should always come first. He's incredibly protective of friends and bystanders alike and will put himself in danger's path if it means protecting the innocent. He lost his eye at a young age when he first started understanding his powers and got his finger stuck in the socket, accidentally ripping his eyeball out from his head. This is something that he's deeply embarrassed about and refuses to talk about with anyone. He takes casualties when he's in the line of duty incredibly seriously and as a way of dealing with his guilt he always makes sure he writes down the name of those who have fallen in a journal he keeps locked away. He tends to attract a decent amount of female attention but that has done nothing for his awkwardness around women. He's also a big metalhead.
Anime Picture Base: Kakashe Hataki from Naruto
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