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 Game Boy

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Game Boy

Game Boy

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PostSubject: Game Boy   July 4th 2018, 12:06 am

Name: Lea Griffin
(Pronounced Lee)
Nickname(s): "8-bit", "Pixel", "1-Up", "Super Smash Bro"
Hero/Villain Name: Game Boy

Student, Professional Hero, Villain, or Professor: Student

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Quirk: Game Boy Advance

At a very young age, Lea grew fondly attached to the virtual escape known as video games. His life was engulfed with the world of video games. He had every console ever known to man. But he started noticing his passion starting manifesting before his very eyes. Lea was able to produce items and weapons from the video games he was playing. They had their proper qualities and everything, but then he also noticed that he had a mana bar. This mana bar served as a limit to how much he would be able to use his power. On top of the mana bar were three hearts serving as three lives. Lea was daring enough to test and see what would happen if he lost a life, so he lost a life. He vanished from the world, but respawned in the location of death. It was a few hours after the death. The duration of how long it takes to respawn corresponds to how severe Lea's death was. Lea assumes whenever he hits zero lives, there is no respawn. Lea also took the time to test and see if he could get more health and mana. He quickly noticed that the more he trained, the more hearts he'd get. His mana bar also increased with more intense training of the quirk's usage. The new hearts he'd gain on top of the red ones were yellow bonus hearts. They would never permanently stay, so if he lost a bonus heart, he'd have to retrain to regain that bonus heart. The mana would work in a similar fashion. If Lea drained his mana dry - he'd have to restart from the base mana he started with when the quirk awakened. Lea has also been pushing himself to the limits to break all limits of his quirk. He calls this "Switch" - it's where his true power is unleashed and he has limitless lives and mana. He could conjure any item or weapons from video games for a certain period of time. The time of how long this quirk lasts varies due to how intense Lea had trained beforehand. When Lea uses this, he'd be completely drained with one heart and 1/4th of his mana bar. Another branch of the quirk he found through video game rage. Whenever Lea would become enraged, he would be able to spawn in items and weapons with enhancements. His own strength, endurance, speed, agility, etc. would also be enhanced. He calls this "PlayStation Rage", but in this state his mana would deplete a lot faster than usual. If used intelligently, he could preserve his mana and spawn in powerful weapons and items, but is often brash and depletes it while regretting it afterward.
Character Description & Personality: Lea Griffin is your stereotypical nerd growing up. He found himself being very isolated within his home, mostly befriending people online. Lea would rarely leave his house, so most of his training would happen in his backyard. He'd dedicate hours on hours of his time to mastering his quirk, but also making time to play his video games. By playing more video games, he could retain more memories of items and weapons to respawn. It's basically feeding his addiction to fortifying his quirk. This lead Lea to become very passionate and dedicated to bettering himself. This would go on top of his outgoing funny attitude. He hardly takes much serious, aside video games. He can get very focused and angry due to his competitive nature. He hopes to use these powers one day to help the people of the world. He had a dream to save up enough money to move to Japan in order to attend U.A. High. But with the newly founded U.A America High, he was one of the first to send in his application to join the school. Lea intends to use the school's resources and teachings to live out his dream of being a professional video game superhero in real life.
Anime Picture Base: Sora (No Game No Life)

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Game Boy
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