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 Shen Azuri

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PostSubject: Shen Azuri   July 4th 2018, 12:32 am

Name:  Shen Azuri
Nickname(s): Mirror
Hero/Villain Name: Legacy

Student, Professional Hero, Villain, or Professor:  Student

Age (15-18 for students, 20+ for professors, heroes, and villains): 17 
Gender: Male

Deflection- As the name suggests Shen is able to reflect projectiles back at his opponent or reroute their powerful physical attacks back at them in hand to hand combat. He was taught to hone this by his lineage, therefore his name Legacy takes hold. With all the training he can go as far as reflecting a person's most powerful attack. However if the attack should be too strong for him to handle it would split off in another direction rather than the intended direction he wanted it to go. For him to properly reflect physical attacks would require all his concentration on putting the output on the person and should he be distracted by anything the power that was going to go into the reflection scales back to Shen's original power output.

Character Description & Personality: Shen is level-headed in what he wants. When he sets a goal on getting his way he usually goes for it, but not without a plan. While Shen loves a good plan, his pride usually gets in the way of whether or not he'll switch it up, or stick to the original stake on sight. This is mostly from his pride to wanting to bring good to the family name because if he can't then he'll feel as if he's not worthy of such. 
Anime Picture Base:  Shinki
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Shen Azuri
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