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 Naomi Wyatt

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PostSubject: Naomi Wyatt   July 6th 2018, 5:49 am


Name: Naomi Wyatt 
Hero name: gigglah




Gender: Female

Quirk: instead of breathing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide she releases nitrous oxide.
[ltr]the gas more commonly known as laughing gas. this gas gives her the ability to cause her opponents limbs to go numb and them to start laughing uncontrollably. extremely handy for recovery heroes. she can also move the gas independently for seven seconds before it dissipates into oxygen.[/ltr]

Weakness: any form of wind to push her breath away. the nitrous oxide is also flammable and can be frozen solid. 

Hero name: gigglah

Special gear: She has a special breathing mask that keeps the nitrous oxide from dissipating as quickly in battle.

Personality:she’s bubbly and a bit of a prankster. Her dream is to become like her hero recovery girl in japan. She wants to use her quirk to save people and fix the name of her family from her fathers past. Shes not very trusting of others due to her middle school days but once trust is gains she would protect you like you are family.

Backstory: Her mom was quirk less and her dad was a villain known as mortem animam 
(breathing death.)
He was killed because he was working in japan in another villains turf.
Her mom learned that he was a villain after he died and was distraught.
She could only see Naomi as her father and sent her to live with aunt her at 14.
she was bullied mercilessly in middle school when someone she thought was her friend learned of Naomi's heritage. she moved across country in the hope of escaping her fathers legacy and to prove to everyone that shes not a villain. before her father died he taught her many hand to hand combat lessons to make up for her weak quirk. she is equip with the basic knowledge to fire a handgun properly, defend herself against a knife and how to punch and kick most effectively.
after her mother kicked her out she went to stay with her aunt Amanda who's quirk enabled her to store up to fifty pounds worth of alcohol in a second stomach. Amanda is usually found at the bar drinking twice her body weight in alcohol so for three and a half years Naomi fended for herself.

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PostSubject: Re: Naomi Wyatt   July 6th 2018, 6:02 am

You're cute.
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Naomi Wyatt
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