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 Malcolm Vanderbilt

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Malcolm Vanderbilt

Malcolm Vanderbilt

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PostSubject: Malcolm Vanderbilt   July 8th 2018, 12:33 pm

Birth Name: Malcolm Vanderbilt III.
Gender: Male.
Age: 17.
Height: 5 foot 10 inches (183 centimeters).
Weight 137 pounds - 62 killograms.
Birthplace: England
Hero Alias: Omnipotent.
Nicknames: The All-Seeing Hero. The heir to the Vanderbilt empire.
Occupation: Student.
Affiliation: U.A.
Teams: N/A.
Quirk: Mastermind.

Mastermind: Malcolm's quirk is the product of Mendelian inheritance as his family have a long lineage of marrying possessors of strong quirks with the goal to eventually produce an ever-evolving quirk that will rival the strongest of heroes, including the illustrious All-Might. Although it has taken several generations to produce a strong candidate, Malcolm's Mastermind quirk is showing a lot of potential to be the breakthrough the Vanderbilt family needed. Still in its early stages, Mastermind has already several uses that Malcolm has come to learn.

Being both a long-ranged and short-ranged emitter quirk, Mastermind allows Malcolm to have a third-person viewing radius of about 50 meters. Within his viewing radius, he can determine and retain information about a location's infrastructure in precise measurements and retain the information at an inhuman rate. With this, he can read and analyze the auras of individuals within the radius. He can relay this information to a selected individual that has been linked with his quirk, a process that is done by Malcolm touching them on the center of their forehead with his index finger and concentrating for the necessary amount of time to establish the connection. The radius of his reconnaissance is expanded to include a 50-meter circle around the linked individual. He can act as a sixth sense for them, a second pair of eyes that can aid them in combat or stealth.

A byproduct of his mental connection with the individual he touches on the forehead, after he establishes the connection he can also analyse them for weaknesses or even temporarily take possession of their body. Although the latter can be used for villainous means, Vanderbilt assures everyone "You can hypnotise anyone to dance like a chicken, cluck like a chicken and even live out their lives as a chicken, but you can never hypnotise someone to cause themselves bodily harm, as the urge to live will always take over even the strongest of mind-control quirks."

Weaknesses: As with any great power, there is also great costs. The first being that, while he is performing reconnaissance with Mastermind, Malcolm is temporarily blinded from his own vision, meaning if a villain were able to locate Malcolm while his quirk is in effect, it would be an easy task to get the drop on him. The second is that if he uses the quirk for a long period of time, in its current stage roughly 20 minutes, he will begin to get migraines which will make it very difficult to perform his quirk. He also has to speak aloud to relay information, so stealth in the field is a risk.

There is also the setback to linking his mind to another individual, as it will take longer to make the connection depending on how smart the recipient is. The dumber they are, the quicker it takes.


The Vanderbilts are a world-renowned family in the hero world, a corporate family that have a stranglehold on the business side of the profession. Malcolm was born into wealth, a life that didn't require him to even lift a finger to be set for life. But as Malcolm came of age, he didn't want to simply inherit a fortune, but make his own before taking over the family business. He enlisted into the USA branch of U.A. under recommendation from his family, citing the principle being the #1 hero in the world All-Might as reason enough to enrol.

Malcolm Vanderbilt is an arrogant and serious young adult who sees himself to be more superior than the others due to being the heir to an extremely successful family business. He is extremely reluctant to admit to any mistakes he might have committed, and constantly refers to the other students as "underlings" and "sidekicks in training". He can also betray their trust more than once for his own personal gain. His hero name "Omnipitant" shows how highly he thinks of himself and his abilities, though his success rate in reconnaissance and strategy are flawless to justify the claim.

He is often cold, blunt, and reserved, preferring to work alone and mocking the others' attempts to be cooperative, even bluntly stating that they are not friends. However, he does not appear to be as actively mean as he seems. Usually, when he answers to the other students with cruel words, it is because they bothered him when he wanted to be left alone. It also appears that he was taught strict manners by his family, as he refuses to use swear words and is completely disgusted by vulgar words and behavior, and anything he considers barbaric. Notably, his overly serious personality often makes him quite comical.

Malcolm was one of the group's most sensible students and had proven to be a competent investigator, despite his prudish behavior. He displays a high level of intellect, showing himself to be one of the most competent and insightful heros in the group. However, he also frequently antagonized the others, said he would be the one to emerge unscathed with any means necessary, and often referred to their situation a "game" much to the others' disturbance.

He is shown to be very confident in his abilities and does not seem to consider failure even an option. He will often have his hand forced to coexist with his teammates, though his attitude towards them also makes them reluctant to comply knowing his mannerisms and quirk has him dictate them and boss them around.

Byakuya Togami from the Danganronpa series
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Malcolm Vanderbilt
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