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 Dr. Whomst've

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Gran Irónico

Gran Irónico

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PostSubject: Dr. Whomst've   July 8th 2018, 6:39 pm

Name: Klaas Van der Oudersluis

Nickname(s): The Doctor, Timelord, John Titor, The Mad Scientist

Villain Name: Dr. Whomst've

Age (15-18 for students, 20+ for professors, heroes, and villains): 34

Gender: Male

Quirk: Delorean Mail

Dr. Whomst've has the power to manipulate space-time in order to send electromagnetic particle waves back in time. However, how much he can send is severely limited.  He cannot send anything physical, but has mastered the ability to send messages to electronic device in the form of texts, emails, and pager memos. However, even this has restrictions. He must know the number or email address of the device he is sending the message to. Moreover, he can only send very small amounts of data at a time - the equivalent of 138 characters; less than the original twitter character limit. Obviously, it makes zero sense for him to ever send a Delorean Mail so far back in time that there insn't a device to receive it.

Character Description & Personality:

Once a respected Dutch particle physicist working with CERN. He was blacklisted from the scientific community after it emerged he was using his quirk to interfere with automated sensors and fabricate readings. He disappeared into obscurity for a while before making his name in less than respectable circles where his ability to sow confusion proved valuable. As hinted by his villain name, Dr. Whomst've is hugely secretive about his identity and his quirk. He makes a point of never explaining the details of his quirk and how he obtains his results, even to those whom he works with. He actively attempts to throw off Hero investigations that threaten to find something about him by spreading misinformation through his online persona "John Titor", an apparent time traveler offering predictions about future villain activity. He has recently become more and more ambitious with his own schemes.

Anime Picture Base: Rintaro Okabe (Steins; Gate)

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Dr. Whomst've
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