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 The Obsidian Man

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PostSubject: The Obsidian Man   July 8th 2018, 7:39 pm

Name: Jensen Dyer
Nickname(s): "Obsidian", "Unbreakable", "General Dyer"
Hero/Villain Name: The Obsidian Man

Student, Professional Hero, Villain, or Professor:  Villain

Age: 34
Gender: Male
Quirk: The Obsidian Man is a walking, talking earthquake. All it takes one stomp to create ripples throughout the Earth's tectonic plates and don't you dare let him jump from a tall height or you could find yourself falling through the cracks in the ground that he's caused. He has the strength to lift several tons, can punch his way through even the toughest steel and create thunder with merely a clap. Whether or not his armour has any effect on his physical strength is unknown but he's said to be incredibly strong even when outside of it. He prefers to stay inside his suit, however, as it's nigh indestructible.

Character Description & Personality: A former military general, Jensen Dyer has the steely, commanding demeanor that you'd expect. He was known to be quite arrogant around his comrades due to his unique quirk and would often pull rank over his fellow soldiers but gained respect nonetheless as he was a fantastic tactician during battles. He uses his veteran status to bully and mock anyone he doesn't see as a threat (which is most people, especially students) which could come to be his downfall should he get in over his head. 
Anime Picture Base: Alphonse Elric from FMA: Brotherhood (in suit), Lt. Surge (out of suit)
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The Obsidian Man
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