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 My Hero Anime: Prologue

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All Might
All Might

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PostSubject: My Hero Anime: Prologue   July 8th 2018, 9:44 pm

... "This just in! All Might's true form revealed! The Symbol of Peace no more?!"

... CLICK ...

"One For All defeated! The League of Villains escape! All Might to be honored following triumphant victory! But is it his last...?"

... CLICK ...

"U.A. High to extend it's branches to America! It welcomes all Americans to master their Quirks and to one day become HEROES!"

... CLICK ...

The thumb pressed down on the power button, removing any news images from it. All that was left was a reflection of a man whose face was displayed as sadistically cheerful. The intense glare in this man's eyes told a million stories at once.

"The Symbol of Peace... no more. U.A. High dares to walk on my territory? This is going to be far to easy." The man spoke to himself, rising from the throne like chair he was sitting on. He was presented a quivering man on his hands and knees, while two bulkier other man stood next to him.

"Do you understand the sacrifice you're about to make? The risks that come with it?" The man once more spoke with intensity in his voice, to ensure groveling man knew what was at stake.

"Yes... sir... I know you can change my life! I know you can give me what I've always wanted! POWER! You are Infinite, yes? So... INFINITE POWER!" shouted the man on his hands and knees, looking up to the man he addressed as Infinite. The groveling man once more looked back down at the cement floor, while Infinite tried his best to not look at the useless human being with disgust.

"I cannot promise you power, fool. But you know that. If your feeble body rejects my gift, then you will perish. But if your body is strong enough, you will kneel before me. You will obey my every command. You will become a servant of Infinite... or you will die." Infinite spoke loud and clear, making the point known.

Infinite stared down at the man, tears rolling down his face to the floor. "I know the risk, but what do I have to live for if I'm just like the neighbor next to me? The bystander beside me? I am useless! I am nothing! I might as well kill myself!" The stood up from the floor, staring Infinite right in the face. "I will do as you say! I will serve you as your humble loyalist! Do you not believe me? THEN GO ON." The man shouted, preparing himself for what's to come next...

"So be it..." Infinite extended his flat palm out to the man's chest as a ball of bright light had begun to form in his palm. The light grew brighter and brighter, blinding to the naked eye. Infinite built up his power, focusing it all into that one orb, and then pressed that very ball of light into the man's chest. The light had gone out. And all there was to do was wait...

"YES... YES! I FEEL IT! I FEEL THE POWER SURGING THROUGH MY BODY--- OH..." A once confident tone, turned sour at the very sight of his own flesh deteriorating. "NO!!! NO!!! I'M STRONG ENOUGH! THOUGH MY BODY REJECTS IT? WHAT IS THIS?!" The man's fight or flight instincts immediately kicked in. "YOU DID THIS! YOU BASTARD!" He attempted to strike Infinite with a right hook, but his arm immediately turned to ash, and then his left arm, and then the rest of his body crumbled to the floor with only ash remaining.

Infinite shook his head, not even glancing down at the remains of once was a wishful human, wanting to taste true power. "They never learn, it's pitiful." Infinite sat back down on his throne, with such distaste for the predictable conduct of a human being so weak that their body rejects his gift. "They always seek somebody to blame, but never have the guts to blame themselves. We live in a pitiful world that I must conquer, reshape, and remold." Infinite once again resorted to speaking to himself, while the two bulkier bodyguard like figures cleaned the ashes from the floor.

"... and that's why you need people like me." a voice echoed throughout the room, but this did not startle Infinite. Infinite let out a soft chuckle, "You're not here for my gift... Tsukuyomi" Infinite responded. "No, of course not." Tsukuyomi walked quietly into the room, with the collar of his shirt covering up half of his face.

"I've already told you once before, Tsukuyomi, you have no place here." Infinite stayed seated upon his throne, only glancing at Tsukuyomi once, before looking back at the blank television from before. "For a man with such great ideals, you can't see the full picture, can you? All Might is gone. He's done with. There's no global Symbol of Peace. There's no one singular hero keeping people like ourselves at bay."

Tsukuyomi had once attempted to convince Infinite to form an alliance, but Infinite has declined this proposal. Infinite had already an infinite amount of work horses that he could create himself. He didn't believe in aligning himself with anybody. "I know what's become of the current state of the world, Tsukuyomi, but give me a reason why your intentions wouldn't rival my own?" Infinite enjoyed picking the mind apart, finding the flaws in every little thing.

"... What about experience, Infinite? The men and women you bestow your gifts upon are inexperienced. But you want them to betray you, don't you? You want to become more powerful? You don't care about them." Tsukuyomi carelessly spoke to someone of much greater power, but it didn't matter to him. He wanted to get his point across. And this was his only way.

Once again though, Infinite chuckled. "Don't we all? This world is meant for the living beings within to gain more power. The power you gain is the only chance of survival. If you're weak, you get nowhere. If you're careless, much like yourself, you die. There's no better way of putting it. All Might is gone, yes, but there will be another. And another. But what you propose is no different from the League of Villains, is it not?" Infinite once again questioned Tsukuyomi, and you could vividly see the frustration building within Tsukuyomi.

"We'd be far different from the League of Villains. We wouldn't succumb to loss after loss after loss. They lost their criminal mastermind to nothing, but a poster boy now. With your infinite potential and the experience of others that share our same mindset, we'd rule oh so easily." Tsukuyomi was doing his damn near best, putting it all into convincing Infinite.

Infinite didn't give much of a response this time around though, only blankly staring into the television besides him. Tsukuyomi waited, and waited, and waited, but nothing... "You know what? Fine! I've been dealt worse hands than this, Infinite. You might be power---" Tsukuyomi was cut off.

"I'll entertain your idea, Tsukuyomi." Infinite softly spoke. Tsukuyomi stood there with almost a shocked look on his face. He wasn't expecting to hear those words muttered out of Infinite's mouth. "Oh?" Tsukuyomi responded, but he knew something was up when Infinite turned his head with a very sadistic looking grin.

"But this does not come cheap, Tsukuyomi. If you are dedicated to this vision of yours, you must sacrifice to gain." Infinite spoke with such evil intentions. "No. I don't need your gift." Tsukuyomi knew exactly what Infinite wanted out of him. "But don't you want this, Tsukuyomi? How much are you willing to give to achieve this? You know this can only be done with me and me alone. You can muster whatever sort of alliance of deadbeat villains, but get as far as the League of Villains. If you're as dedicated as you say you are... prove it." with that same grin remaining on Infinite's face, Tsukuyomi stood there with a look of disgust on his own.

"It's only an enhancement, Tsukuyomi, what do you have to lose?" Infinite added on.

And Tsukuyomi knew exactly what he had to lose - his own free will if not his Quirk altogether. But he knew it couldn't be done any other way, he knew Infinite was the key to success. "Fine." was the only word to come out Tsukuyomi's mouth.

"Good, you really are determined." Infinite said with a sarcastic glee. "Now come forward." Infinite ordered Tsukuyomi.

Tsukuyomi cautiously stepped forward and approached Infinite who had now once again stood up from his throne. Infinite repeated the same procedure from earlier, extending his flat open palm out forward, mustering up all of his power and energy to form this bright ball of light in his hand. Like before, it became brighter, and brighter, and brighter, until Infinite pressed the blinding ball of light into Tsukuyomi's chest. But unlike the man from before, Tsukuyomi's body shined brightly, as the "gift" was being accepted into his body --- and then his body slowly resumed it's normal form. Tsukuyomi's body had accepted the enhancement gift.

"You're welcome. Your Blood Eye will be even superior now, but I believe you already know the consequences of breaking this bond." Infinite spoke very highly of his own Quirk. Tsukuyomi did not say a word. "Nothing more to say? Then go. Bring me this group of experienced Quirk users. You wanted this and now you have it." And without second thought, Tsukuyomi spun on his heel and left, knowing exactly the severity of this current situation. He had given up his own free will, but will it be worth it?
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My Hero Anime: Prologue
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