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PostSubject: Infinite   July 8th 2018, 9:44 pm

Name: John Doe
Nickname(s): "Giver of Life", "Soul Eater", & "Infinite Power"
Hero/Villain Name: Infinite
Student, Professional Hero, Villain, or Professor: Villain

Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Quirk: Life Giver

Infinite has named his very unique and powerful Quirk due to the infinite possibilities of it. It works in several different ways:

Infinite is able to grant a Quirk to a Quirkless human being, but to do so comes with great sacrifice. In return, that human being hands over their entire life and soul to Infinite. This enhances Infinite's Quirk the more souls he collects. The Quirk that is transferred to the human being is completely random.

When given the Quirk from Infinite, they then owe their lives to him. They must obey every single command given to them by Infinite. If they disobey his commands, he can extract the Quirk from their body - and thus ultimately killing them. When extracting their Quirk, Infinite absorbs that Quirk and is able to use it.

Infinite is also able to enhance existing Quirks in superhumans. To do so, the superhuman requesting for enhancement must also give Infinite their eternal bond. It's less severe than obtaining a Quirk when Quirkless. They must obey every command of Infinite, but if they disobey - the enhancement that they received will fade, but also their original Quirk's strength depletes over time when using it. This leaves them completely Quirkless once their Quirk has been entirely used up.

However, the one drawback to the Quirk is that the bodies he's giving a Quirk or enhancing one doesn't always accept his gift. If the body doesn't not accept the Quirk or enhancement, the receiver will die almost instantly.

If the said human that Infinite gifted a Quirk dies in combat or of natural causes, their soul is restored to their body, and it weakens Infinite's Quirk ultimately. This also prevents users of his gift from killing themselves or planning their own death, thus their soul would not return to their body.
Character Description & Personality: Infinite comes from the unknown, but will soon become well known. While his intentions aren't all quite clear at the given moment. There's one thing that's for certain - that his cold and calculated personality is leading him to mold a new world in his image. He's highly intelligent and is always steps ahead of his opposition. Infinite is designing his own self to become unstoppable to achieve such an ambitious dream.
Anime Picture Base: Father (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

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