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 Drake "The Booty King" Smooth

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PostSubject: Drake "The Booty King" Smooth   March 10th 2018, 1:00 am

Name: Drake 
Nickname(s): Smooth
Hero/Villain Name: The Booty King 

Professional Hero 

Age: 20
Gender: Mayne
Quirk: "Kiss of Death"

I eat your girl's (or mayne's) ass and you die (doesn't have to be a proper relationship, if you thirsting after them and I eat that booty you dead. If it's like that girl at the coffee shop you think is cute you'll get like a cold or something)
Character Description & Personality:

Drake is a smooth guy, that's why they call him "smooth." He's irresistable to everyone. He has a way with words and a pearly white smile that can make anybody swoon. Drake knows how to accept no as an answer but he has never had to. He has great hygeine and impeccable fashion sense. His intelligence is average. His strength is average for his size so he's kinda sorta strong. He's not all that agile and not athletic. His biggest weakness is a Wendy's 4 for 4 deal.
Anime Picture Base: Hunk
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Drake "The Booty King" Smooth
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