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 Edison Edwards

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PostSubject: Edison Edwards   March 10th 2018, 1:10 am

Name: Edison Edwards


Hero/Villain Name: Edit

Hero, Villain, or Professor: Professor

Age (15-18 for students, 20+ for professors, heroes, and villains): 25

Gender: Male

Quirk: Fair Use(Transfer quirk). Edison has the ability to “edit” things by removing one quality of that thing with his left hand and being able to add that quality to anything he touches with his right hand. The quality can be anything, but he can’t flat out steal a quirk. This is activated at will. He can only wield one quality at a time, meaning taking a quality with his left hand will override the quality in his right if unsused. He cannot stack up multiple qualities continuously on things, he’d have to remove the quality he added to anything before he can add anything to it again.

Mind you, he can add or remove qualities from skin and bone, his own and others.

The maximum size of area these qualities can take up is the size of an average house, so not like he could turn the entire planet metal or put it all on fire or something, but he could make a large section of land so.

He tends to stock up on items carried in his pockets to transfer qualities to his sword, and at times his own body.

Character Description & Personality (Use this to go into detail on how your character acts, thinks, performs in class, their flaws, and weaknesses, everything that makes your character special.):

A former hero’s apprentice/sidekick, former UA grad, now rising young hero who has taken a professor job to improve his standing amongst the public and to perhaps even find a sidekick of his own.

He is introverted and somewhat shy, as such for extremely complicated or boring classes he’ll record video lectures instead of coming to teach in person, using doing hero work as an excuse why he couldn’t make it. For regular classes he reads lessons, and then after telling students to practice or read up on things on their own, he puts on his iconic sleeping mask with eyes, that he uses to pretend he is awake when everyone knows he is dozing off.

On the upside, he has a good eye for comprehending others both emotionally and talent wise, and always gives helpful feedback on test papers, responses one on one, and is extremely open to giving extra help to students one on one or by email. Deep down he cares for his students, and the progress of them and society as a whole.

He can be a bit comical while trying to avoid the press and when making excuses for being caught napping, but otherwise calm serious approach towards heroism and has an unshakeable moral fiber in dividing good from evil. Normally chill and cooperative, but if confronted by bad or egotistical people he can be sarcastic and gives philosophical insults

In battle he is pragmatic, and remorseless towards threats to society that he considers net negatives to the world.

Anime Picture Base (Use a picture base that’s realistic with your selected age.): Sougo Okita
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Edison Edwards
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